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VIDEO: “What Happens When You Leave Your Bike Lying Around When The Royals Visit Dublin”

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The Royals coming to visit the capital is a bit like the fancy visitors coming to your home house. Everything needs to look clean and anything lying about that shouldn’t be gets dumped: Simple as.

This bike was tied to a lamppost right next to where the Royal couple were going to have lunch on Wednesday afternoon.

(In case you don’t know, they chose this excellent place and the queues to try and get a glimpse of them eating were just insane).

For one unfortunate soul, their bike was in the wrong place at the wrongest of times and Gardaí had no choice but to angle grind the chain and free it from the post in order to get it out of view from the money shot.

This image was shared by Jason Kennedy who simply stated that “this is what happens when you leave your bike lying around when the royals come to visit.”

No mercy.

If this is your bike, Gardaí have said that it can be picked up at Pearse Street.

Thanks to Jason Kennedy for letting us use the video. If you have any Royal pictures or videos from their Dublin trip, you can send it into our Facebook page or email us at Hello@lovin.com

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