Miso Happy – The 7 Best Places To Get Sushi In Dublin

You had me at wasabi

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Sushi is not for everyone.

You either love it or absolutely hate it.

I, for one, love it more than anything else in the entire world. And eat my weight in sushi on the reg. 

Here are a few places to grab a great roll in Dublin. 

1. Musashi 

Everyone who likes sushi knows about Musashi. The one on Capel Street is my go-to but there's also a bigger one in IFSC and another one is opening soon on Hogan Place. 

Great quality sushi grade fish at an affordable price – something that's rare in this day and age.

The food here is so fresh – so fresh that the last time I was there a fisherman carried a massive salmon in passed me. 

I would highly recommend their bento boxes, the ramen or even a tofu steak. All are amazing.

2. Yamamori

Slightly pricier but good sushi nonetheless. Yamamori have an extensive menu across their four locations. 

They do really cool summer BBQs here too – only a tenner including a bottle of beer. 

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3. Michie Sushi

Michie's Tiger Roll is a clear winner for me. 

You get a bit of everything – all rolled into one. 

You can find Michie in Sandyford, Ranelagh and Dún Laoghaire. 

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4. Japanese Kitchen

This place is one of Dublin's best kept secrets. 

Just off The Liffey you can sit at the bar and watch the sushi chefs prepare your food right before your eyes. 

It's legit.

Japanese Kitchen

5. Zakura

Not only is Zakura BYOB, but it's also just straight up deadly.

They'll give you plenty of ice so you can mix up a G&T at the table. Classy.

The food is incredible too, super fresh, tasty and great quality. 

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6. Sushi King

Sushi King is a convenient takeaway located on Baggot Street. They do unreal sushi and one hell of a miso soup. 

The earlier you get there the better. 

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7. Ukiyo

If you're into getting drunk, singing karaoke and eating sushi then this is the place for you.

Known for their unusual but quality sushi combos – Ukiyo has to be tried at least once.

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