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27th Mar 2018

5 Great Outdoor Workouts To Give A Try This Weekend

Alana Laverty

People often associate working out with being stuck in a stuffy gym.

Well, we’re telling you that there are plenty of outdoor workouts that are just as good as a gym workout. 

All you need to do is step outside and find one.

Or check out this list below. 

1. Tag rugby

We all know that team sports are harder to skip and avoid that any other forms of exercise. Is there a worse feeling than letting your team mates down?

The guilt is real. 

Tag rugby is really fun to play if you gather a good gang. There are loads of different leagues in Dublin, so you’re sure to find a location close to home.


2. Outdoor HIIT

High intensity interval training is the new black.

Ah, but in all seriousness HIIT is an amazing workout. And doing it in an open outdoor space makes it all the more fun.

Nothing better than fresh air when you’re sweatin’ buckets. 

Take a look at our list of 16 places in Dublin to do an outdoor HIIT workout for location inspiration.


3. Outdoor gyms 

Dotted along the seafront of both the southside and the northside of the city, these are pretty nifty additions to the coastline as well as suburban playgrounds. 

Perfect for anyone who likes running, you can stop mid-jog to perform a round of circuits before continuing on your way. The best part? No monthly gym membership to pay!

Outdoor Gyms

4. Take a brisk walk or go for a run

People often disregard walks and say they’re not a workout.

Well pick up the f*cking pace and it will be. 

Here’s a list of some delightful walks around Dublin that are sure to clear your head. They also make great runs. 

Any exercise is better than no exercise at all. 

Skerries Beach

5. Take a swim 

Again, a swim is only as hard of a workout as you make it.

Swimming uses nearly every muscle in your body and is, in fact, a great workout when done consistently. 

Check out these great swimming spots. 

Forty Foot

Get up and out there, people. 

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