New Study Has Found Dublin Is Second Most Expensive City In Euro Zone For Expats

Dublin, Paris and Milan are the only Euro zone cities in the global top 50​.

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As if we needed further proof that living in Dublin is pricey business...

Mercer Ireland have released findings on the cost of living in Dublin, and we are now ranked as the second most expensive city in the Euro zone, just below Paris. The study was conducted with a view to helping companies plan renumeration packages for employees depending on which city they live in.

Dublin has risen 20 places in the past three years of the global study due to rent hikes in the city, according to the Irish Times.

“The survey identifies cost pressures on expatriate rental accommodation as a key factor in maintaining Dublin’s high ranking relative to other euro zone cities. As the economy has improved, greater foreign direct investment has put increased pressure on the availability of rental accommodation for expatriates in Dublin"

Noel O’Connor, Principal at Mercer Ireland

Dublin, Paris and Milan are the only Euro zone cities in the top 50, with Hong Kong topping the survey.

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