Nine Deadly Dublin Cocktails You Have To Try Out This Weekend

We'll have them all, please!

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It's Friday, you've got the thirst, and nowt but a cold cocktail will quench it. Check out our selection of nine of Dublin's nicest cocktails from across the city.

Methinks a cocktail crawl may be necessary this weekend...

1. Mexican Bulldog - Xico

The Mexican bulldog is somewhat of a trademark for Xico. Not only do you get a frozen margarita but you also get a bottle of Sol in it, and it tastes absolutely unreal.

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2. Pretty In Pink @ Zozimus Bar

Yes , there are umbrellas in the sky and no, Mary Poppins is not back in the Bord GaisInstead, a new cocktail bar has taken over Dublin.  Newly-opened Zozimus is a cocktail lovers ddream, and we strongly recommend ordering the Pretty In Pink.


3. French Martini @ Sophie's at The Dean

One sip of the French Martini at Sophie’s and you'll be instantly transported to Paris.  No views of the Eiffel Tower but if you squint your eyes you can almost see the RTE broadcast tower. At the end of the day they’re practically the same thing.

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4. Maragarita @ 777

King of the Margs - you haven't lived til you've been to 777 for Margarita Monday. They've got two for one on margaritas and an atmosphere hotter than Mexico City - now Mondays are something to look forward to!

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5. Mojito at Pyg

Because PYGtails are never a bad idea. They do 2-for-1 on cocktails Monday through Thursday,  plus if you get a good seat you can people-watch to your heart's content.

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6.  Pistachio Mustachio @ The Liquor Rooms

The Pistachio Mustachio at The Liquor Rooms tastes as unique as it sounds. Trying to describe it is impossible, so you’ll just have to get down and try it!

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7. The Cold S’mores @ Peruke & Periwig

So this certainly isn't the healthiest option on the list but it is by far the tastiest. Peruke & Periwig’s ‘The Cold S’mores’ includes P&P marshmallow-infused Absolut Vodka, Créme de Cacao, Kahlua, cream and toasted marshmallows. Just magnificent!

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8. Mirror Ball @ The Chelsea Drug Store

Talk, crisp and sparkling - this bad boy is filled with Absolut, prosescco, Pernod accompanied by mint, cardamom and lots of other loveliness. Deadly new bar with an impressive cocktail menu - well worth a visit.

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9. Zombie @ Vintage Cocktail Club

Pop behind the black door in Temple Bar and you will find what is hands-down the best cocktail venue on the Emerald Isle. They've a whole range of things to choose from, but go for the Zombie - you won't regret it!

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Written By

Andrew McLaughlin