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25th Jan 2018

One Of The Cheesiest Movies Of The ’80s Is Being Shown At Stella Theatre This Weekend


Is there any movie more quintessentially ’80s than Footloose? We think not.

Fans of flicks from this era will be delighted to learn that the Kevin Bacon classic will be screened at 12.30pm in Stella Theatre this Saturday, January 27.

The premise of the musical drama is wonderfully ridiculous. 

A teenager moves to a small town from Chicago to discover that rock music and dancing have been banned as dangerous — so our intrepid hero decides to help all those squares loosen up a little…

What’s not to love about this flick?

It’s got John Lithgow as an uptight minister, a game of chicken that involves tractors and, even more bizarrely, angry drunk dancing in warehouses.

So load up on the popcorn, sweets and Prosecco or beer from the cinema’s Refreshments Bar and kick back in luxurious sofas in front of a nostalgic gem this weekend afternoon. 

You can pick up tickets to Footloose at Stella HERE.

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