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25th Jan 2018

Aungier Street Is Getting A Brand New Cafe – With A Pretty Unusual Twist


Aungier Street is about to get a brand new cafe – where you can pay in cryptocurrency. 

Crypto Cafe will open on Monday and serve a variety of hot drinks, sandwiches and freshly baked goods. 

A member of staff said that initially the cafe will only accept a few forms of cryptocurrency.

“We will support more as transfers become more and more polished, as the whole market has been upset with the surge of many new users.”

With such an apparently volatile market, why did they choose to take cryptocurrency at all? 

“The cafe was almost entirely funded from Cryptocurrencies,” they explained. 

“So to reflect the idea of decentralised digital currencies having made a difference in the real world we decided to accept payments in that form, following trends in other parts of the world.”

Thankfully the cafe, which is located at 23 Aungier Street (near the Carmelite Community Centre) will also accept physical money. 

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