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21st Jan 2018

One Of The Stars Of ‘Tallafornia’ Will Appear On The Next Episode Of ‘First Dates Ireland’


There’s been a hole in the nation’s heart ever since our beloved Tallafornia left the airwaves back in 2013, but one of its shining stars is set grace our screens once more on the next episode of First Dates Ireland.

Phil Penny, the one-time love interest of Nikita, once demonstrated his pulling power on nights out for all to see on Tallafornia, but how will he fare in the dating arena? 

Speaking to, Phil has revealed that he’s had a tough time since the show ended, having had to deal with a torrent of online abuse from trolls. Yet, despite all the hate, he says he doesn’t regret having taken part in the show — he even hinted there could be a reunion around the corner.

Of course, all this will surely play into his dinner conversation on First Dates Ireland. I mean, once you’ve starred in TV3’s answer to Jersey Shore then you pretty much have to spill the beans on some of the show’s more memorable moments…

We’re genuinely intrigued to see how this episode goes. 

Will you be tuning into First Dates Ireland this week?

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