PICS: Three-Year-Old's Question To Dublin Bus Is Cute But Their Response Is Even Cuter

This will warm your little heart.

Dublin Bus

You can imagine that Dublin Bus are inundated with tweets every single day and that a little, sweet gem like this would fall through the cracks but thankfully not. 

Matthew Mulligan‏'s child had a hard hitting question for the bus company and was not going to rest until an answer had been found. 

Matthew - with the username @_mattuna - took to Twitter to put an end to the question that had brought his household to a halt.

The question of "which buses get to sleep inside the depot garage and which have to sleep out in the yard" was asked on Friday but the whole weekend passed by and still no answer.

A nation was truly holding its breath but finally, on Monday morning, Dublin Bus answered the question that had been on most people's lips...

We really hope that this answer has satisfied the mind of Matthew's son, Fachtna, who has been overwhelmed by the attention that his serious question has gotten.

Good man yourself, Fachtna, we like your thinking.

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