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09th Jan 2017

PICS: Easter Eggs Are Already Being Sold In Dublin


You know what they say – as soon as Christmas lights come down, Valentine’s Day cards come up. 

But wait, NO?

We’ve only gone and skipped the most romantic day of the year, or so it seems, as Easter eggs are already gracing the shelves of most of Ireland’s bigger supermarkets. 

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So long January diets…

For the wiser of you who have copped that sometimes Easter falls in February, fair dues. However, this year, it is not so. 

Easter Sunday falls on Sunday, April 16 this year. Meaning it’s 97 days until the big day. 

Now, this may not come as a huge surprise considering Ireland’s religious heritage. But, on the more commercialised side of things, it’s all a bit gross. 

Bloody hell. 

Do you think it’s too early? Or are you rejoicing in the fact that you can get organised early? Or do you really care?

Do let us know in the comments!

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