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16th Sep 2020

PICS: These two lads definitely know how to make the most of a sunny day

Sarah Finnan

sunny day

Ireland in the sunshine is a magical place to be. Maybe it’s because we get so few of them, but sunny days are always so appreciated. No one can say that we don’t know how to make the most of them… we may not be built for the sun but that has yet to stop us from donning a pair of shorts and planting ourselves on any available patch of grass to soak it all in.

Giving us all a lesson in how to make hay while the sun shines ( so to speak), these two lads really know how to take full advantage and it turns out all ya need is a dingy, some cans and an inflatable flamingo.

Spotted perched in a blow-up dingy on the Royal Canal, a photo of the twosome was posted online by Twitter user Eimear Shannon. Giving onlookers a good laugh, it shows the two top buzzers chilling out in their floating castle, towing their bag of cans along behind them in a bright pink inflatable flamingo.

By the looks of it, one of them is even wearing a sailor’s hat too. You love to see it.

Two lads supping cans in a rubber dingy… this is why locals love Dublin.

Header image via Twitter/Eimear Shannon

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