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25th Aug 2017

PICS: This Rathmines ‘Studio Flat’ Has Got To Be A F*cking Joke

Alana Laverty

Lads. We wish this was a joke. 

We really, really do. 

Because if this is real then things have really gone too far. 

Advertised on as a “double”, this is the most ridiculous sham of a rental listing we’ve ever seen in Dublin:

Screen Shot 2017 08 25 At 21 21 17

Located on Grove Park in Rathmines, the photos of this €650-per-month ‘studio flat’ really speak for themselves…

New AssetFile
Screen Shot 2017 08 25 At 21 29 57
Screen Shot 2017 08 25 At 21 30 02
Screen Shot 2017 08 25 At 21 29 51


Is that meant to be a BED????!!!!

Screen Shot 2017 08 25 At 21 33 47

You legit couldn’t pay me €650 to sleep on that yoke for a single night. 

Let alone ask me to pay €650 to sleep on it for a whole month. Christ alive. 

Like look at the distance from the top step of the stepladder to the ‘mattress’ – you’d wanna have long legs and decent upper body strength to manage that awkward manoeuvre. 

Screen Shot 2017 08 25 At 21 15 02

You would also wanna be a rigid sleeper. One toss or turn and you’re a goner. The couch would be a safer option for sure. 

Whoever is behind this monstrosity is setting themselves up for total disaster. 

And the people of Twitter agree:

Seriously – when will this shite end?!

Shame on the person behind this. 

Check out the full listing here

H/T: Pete Kavanagh / @TheOfficialKav

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