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28th Mar 2018

This Pop-Up Café In Dublin Today Had Everybody Talking

Darragh Berry

With €1 coffee all day on Wednesday, this pop-up shop on Exchequer Street was going to be a huge hit. 

But, there was more than just the cheap coffee to learn about.

The pop-up MSunderstood Café was set up by MS Ireland and highlighted some of the issues facing people with the degenerative neurological condition. 

The cafe menu boards were blurred and furniture moved making it more difficult for customers to concentrate on their order.

This was done to help mirror what those with MS suffer from each day: trouble with balance and blurred vision as well as much more. 

The pop-up has just closed its door in the last hour but the event has been a major success with many people coming away with a better understanding of the condition. 

Ava Battles, Chief Executive, MS Ireland said that she believes those who need it should have access to the right treatment. A “very basic demand” which is very hard to get for many people in Ireland today.

She said that by opening a café with an unsteady floor, heavy and moving furniture, blurred menus and bent cutlery, customers would hopefully realise and understand the reality of living with MS.

It’s definitely opened our eyes.

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