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26th Apr 2018

PICS: “You Can Now Rent A Prison Cell In Dublin” For Just €360 Per Month

Darragh Berry

We could give you some big long spiel about the struggle of renting in Dublin but it would be nothing that you haven’t heard before.

It’s a disaster.

Find your ideal room – it’ll cost you 3/4 of your wage. Find something more in your budget, you’ll be sharing it with about 76 other people and it’ll be tinier than tiny. 

A bit like this next room we’re about to show you. 

Posted on Facebook in Dublin Classified Advertisements, this room in Inchicore is going for €360 and is fit for….a prison inmate according to this Reddit User

You can now rent a prison cell in Dublin,” the user states and after having a look at that photos, we are inclined to agree with them.

As well as sharing the room with another person, you’ll be sharing the whole house with ten other people…


Prison 1
Prison 2
Prison 3
Prison 4
Prison 5
Prison 6
Prison 7
Prison Ad

The ad for the room reads: 

“Vacancy available immediately

“Located in Dublin 12 (Inchicore) the house has 4 bedrooms, two complete bathrooms and one social bathroom. All the bedrooms have a shower and a sink. The house is equipped with a dry.

“You will share your room with a Brazilian gay male. We are looking for someone very organised, calm, non-smoker, hygienic and friendly.

“The house has 9 people. It is 10 minutes of Centra, bus and Luas stations. And it is 15 minutes of Aldi.

“Rent €360
Electricity €20 or €25 / month
Deposit €370″

We’re not quite sure what the difference between a normal bathroom and a “social” bathroom is and to be honest, we’ll be okay never finding out. 

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