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03rd Aug 2018

PIC: A Strange And Insulting RTÉ Poster Has Appeared On The Quays

Darragh Berry

I was driving along Burgh Quay on Sunday, trying to avoid the sea of Limerick and Cork people who were heading back from Croke Park.

One set were ecstatic after reaching an All-Ireland hurling Semi-Final, the other bunch were preparing themselves for a long journey home after heartbreak.

I was pulled up in the middle of traffic and was having a gawk around the place when I came across the poster below on the wall.

By the time I had grabbed the phone out of the pocket and used the finicky fingerprint function to unlock it, traffic was moving again.

So, I missed my photo opportunity but reddit user simpkin_me shared the snap on the site with the caption: “oh, how true it is.”

Rte Quay

We can’t imagine RTÉ being too happy about this but to be fair, Zig and Zag, Dustin and Podge and Rodge were top class.

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