WATCH: You Probably Missed Aengus Mac Grianna's Hilarious Sign Off Reel On The News Last Night

By Darragh Berry

March 18, 2018 at 11:51am


Aengus Mac Grianna has graced our television screens for the past 30 years but St. Patrick's Day 2018 would be his final appearance.

He has become a familiar face over the years as he brought the news into our sitting rooms and kitchens but it was of course his couple of bloopers that made us feel really attached to Aengus.

We're all human after all and seeing that even the newsreader can have an off day sometimes made Aengus the lovable character that everyone was happy to see while they were watching RTÉ News. 

When told by the Sports Reporter that they were going to have a look at some of his best bits, Aengus began to laugh and say "oh no" but we were all saying BRING IT ON. 

Aengus, you're simply the best and your sign-off reel isn't too bad either.


We'll miss you.

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