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17th Aug 2020

Russell Crowe has been gushing about the “good people” of Dublin

James Fenton

Hollywood star Russell Crowe has been explaining the reasons why Dublin has become a “favourite place” for him.

Russell Crowe has made a habit of sharing his love for all things Irish recently, having bigged up the Late Late Toy Show to his massive Twitter following just last week. If that wasn’t enough, today he’s been speaking on Q102 about how much he loves the city of Dublin, saying: “It’s become a favourite place of mine and the thing is I don’t know it very well yet.”

Speaking to Alison O’Reilly, the Gladiator star admitted he wouldn’t get on too well exploring the city without a map, conceding that “I’ve been to Dublin four times probably for no more than a total of about 14 or 15 days. I’m slowly getting to know it, if I walk out of the door of the hotel and turn left, I get to there, I turn right I get to there. I haven’t really put the city together yet. Every experience I’ve had in Dublin I’ve loved.”

As for the people of Dublin, Russell said: “There’s some good people in that city I like to say hello to,” and while it will probably be a while before he gets to visit again, it’s clear that the capital holds a special place in Russell’s heart.

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