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18th Sep 2019

Subset Has Issued A Strong Statement Reacting To The Repeated Removal Of Its Work

James Fenton

Dublin artistic group Subset has issued a strong statement reacting to Dublin City Council’s repeated removal of its artwork.

Most recently, it was ruled that a mural of British naturalist David Attenborough on Longwood Avenue should be taken down, a decision which followed up on rulings on similar works around the city including one of rapper Stormzy and the Horseboy mural in Smithfield.

Posting a statement which was prepared with the intention of being read out on Newstalk, Subset said ‘We are very grateful to have the support of the majority of the public, and several of their representatives. With this support – if one artwork is removed, we’re in a position to paint several more. That may sound like a threat but it’s not. It is a protest.’

The statement goes on to say ‘DCC are using legislation which is not fit for purpose in a modern city. Their blinkered perspective demonstrates a lack of understanding for the real cultural values that the city wants represented and presented.’

Making a point about Dublin losing its cultural values, Subset cited recent examples of venues closing down, saying ‘Look at the Tivoli Theatre, culture and artistry built up over decades just bulldozed in weeks. Look at the Bernard Shaw, a congregative – space for creativity condemned. The response to such brushed off as certain people just throwing their toys out of the pram over the closure of a pub. It is more than that. Boozers are plentiful in Éire, no panic there. It is about community, culture and respect. The same community that stayed here and weathered the storm after the country had been made shit of.’

Subset’s full statement can be seen in the above Twitter thread.

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