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18th Sep 2019

Man Ploughs Car Into Local Shop After His “Foot Slips” Heading For A Sandwich

Alan Fisher

First and foremost, no one was hurt, thankfully.

Although, this could have been much worse as a man whose foot slipped on his way out to grab a sandwich smashed his car through a local shop front in Skerries.

He explained to the Irish Sun that, “it was just an accident, the foot slipped on the accelerator, that’s all”.

He was also thankful that “there was no injuries or anything, no injuries at all. Lucky, very lucky”.

Indeed it was as the shop was very busy at the time.

Accordting to The Irish Sun, the Gardaí and Dublin Fire Brigade arrived on the scene shortly after and arrested the man but he was released shortly afterwards.

A witness told the Irish Daily Star’s Michael O’Toole that ‘he got out of his car and bought cigarettes in the shop after the crash’.

These pictures taken by Dublin Fire Brigade indicate just how far into the shop he got an he probably didn’t even need to get out of it to grab the cigarettes.

Quite a bizarre story but let’s just be thankful there were no injuries and just cosmetic damage done to the shop.

(header pic: Dublin Fire Brigade)

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