Temporary Morgues Planned For Papal Visit Due To Age Profile Of Attendees

There has also been a warning about the spread of disease at events...

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Temporary morgues will be in place when the Pope visits the Phoenix Park in Dublin later this month, the Irish Independent reports.

The move is due to fears that some of the 500,000 crowd will pass away given the age profile of attendees.

The HSE is also warning about the potential spread of infectious diseases during the event.

Dr Mary O'Riordan, specialist in Public Health Medicine at the Health Protection Surveillance Centre said:

"Given the nature of this historic papal visit, a large number of young children and elderly visitors are expected to attend the final Mass, including many international visitors.

"In the current context of ongoing measles spread in Europe, it is highly advisable that all attendants, especially young children, ensure that they are up to date with their vaccinations."

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