The 10 Best Avocado Toasts In Dublin Because We'll Never Be Able To Afford A Gaff Anyway

By Alana Laverty

July 30, 2017 at 8:55am


Yea, yeah, ok, ok - we have a problem. 

But it seems as though we're not the only ones. 

Join the millenials-who'll-never-own-homes brigade, because here's ten avocado on toast dishes that you just can't pass up in Dublin. 


1. Platform 61, South William Street 

Smashed avo, poached free range eggs on sourdough toast with rocket, parmesan and overnight tomato. 

Get your wallet at the ready and kiss goodbye to your dream home, 'cos this one'll set you back €12. 

2. The Pot Bellied Pig, Rathmines 

The avo toast here is a work of literal art.

For €9.50 you get plenty of all the avo, toasted sourdough, tomato, poached eggs and cress purée of your dreams <3

3. Grove Road Cafe, Lower Rathmines Road 


The best avo toast in Dublin, in my humble opinion. 

Perfectly toasted, crusty sourdough, roasted cherry tomatoes and rocket with balsamic reduction, cold avocado and feta smash and two perfectly poached eggs. 

Could eat this dish all day, every day.  

4. Two Boys Brew, North Circular Road

The vibes are ninety in here, and the food is even better. 

Their 'Avocado Mash' dish is very special - rocket, roast cherry tomato, crumbled feta, charred lemon, avo 'n' poachies on sourdough. 

5. Fumbally, Merchants Quay

Avocado on rustic toast with pickled red cabbage, toasted seeds, popped amaranth with a side salad for €9.50.

Avo is life. Avo is love. 


6. The White Moose Cafe, Phibsborough

Our guilty pleasure is going here just to try and catch a glimpse of Paul and Jason. 

Came for the creep, stayed for the food. 

Their avo toast is legit - and cheaper than most in Dubland at €8. Poached eggs with half an avocado and avocado moose on muffins, smothered in Hollandaise. 

7. Eathos, Baggot Street Upper

Toonsbridge feta, chilli and lime crushed peanuts, toasted Firehouse sourdough, 63 degree eggs and an heirloom radish salad topped with lovely lil bits 'n' bobs.  

Super bougie at €9.50. 

8. Blas Cafe, 26 Kings Inns Street


The cheapest avo eggs in the city, perhaps?

Tartine sourdough topped with poachies and avocado and other yumminess. 

Only €7.50... so maybe we will be able to afford that house afterall. 

9. Bibi's, Emorville Avenue, Dublin 8

Smashed avocado, garlic avocado, garlic créme, pickled carrot and sumac spice mix on sourdough. 

We add salmon for extra extra-ness x

10. Brother Hubbard, North + South 

The most photogenic avo toast of them all - clearly. 

For €10.50 you get a huge mound of smashed avocado and chickpea spread on toaster sourdough topped with two poached eggs, harissa yogurt, house dukkah, radish and beetroot powder. 


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