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27th Jul 2017

The Story Of How This Girl Lost Her Phone In Copper’s Nightclub Is Truly Epic


It’s happened to the best us: you’re on a night out, you get distracted, and then BAM! Your precious phone, your link to the outside world and Instagram stalking, disappears forever.

No matter how much searching of sticky dance floors you do while sipping away on your G&T, it’s no where to be found. Devo.

But one girl’s epic tale of how she lost her phone in Copper’s over the weekend has us all rooting for her to get it back. 

The girl from Co Down sent in Coppers a letter explaining her predicament, and naturally, being the sound folk that they are, they’ve shared it on their Facebook page to try help reunite Distressed Down Girl and her mobile. 

The story centres around 5ive Megamix…

Dear Coppers,

As the usual Monday fear kicks in, I have an additional level of anxiety to factor into this mundane Monday. On Saturday night my friend and I paid your fine establishment an impromptu visit. As usual you made us more than welcome with the festival like fever. We drank and danced and drank some more whilst making many friends and some possible romantic connections.

I happened to get chatting to a lovely guy, and we were exchanging numbers. However, I experienced some technical difficulties typing the correct number into my phone and handed it to this potential new suitor. And that’s when it happened, the DJ started up 5ive Megamix and I was gone. The dance floor was calling. Thus leaving behind my iPhone with this young gentleman…

Now I’m in quite the predicament. I also use my phone for work and I can’t tell my work colleagues that I lost my phone in your fine establishment. As they already have raised eyebrows over a particular Christmas party incident in which I lost my shoes.

My request is that if you share my story, the guy in question might see this and if he has my phone can he drop it back to the scene of the incident?

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In fairness, Megamix is some tune…

Who on earth would be able to stop themselves from running off to the dancefloor at a moment like this?

We feel your pain, Down gal. Here’s hoping the mystery man in question sees her plea on Coppers page and contacts the club for her full details.

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