Here Are The 12 Best Irish Tweets Of The Week

"Hello from Beyoncé where, no lie, a teen gal just vomited so hard her bra fell off"

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Making our job easy, once again, the population of Twitter-land are continuing to nail it.

We've decided to catapult you from our social platform in the hopes that you'll gain loads of likes, faves and general good tidings.

Live long and be gas, friends. 

1. Physics with @amyohconnor

2. Panic with @prisonskillz

3. Down with gentrification with @Eoin_RD

4. Foodie life with @Ciara_Knight

5. Nightmare with @glennthefitz

6. Priorities with @GerryMcBride

7. Life imitates art with @RichieMcCormack

8. Let's keep the recovery going with @67larr

9. Solidarity with @michfreeman

10. Relationships with @SeanKenehan

11. A modern Ireland with @ISayJK

12. And finally, coming to terms with @platinumjones

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