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17th Feb 2018

The 22 Dublin Postcodes Ranked By Pros And Cons


Dublin’s a funny little place. 

Enshrined in national pride and avocado toast – the city boasts a world unto its own, with an internal rivalry the Jets and the Sharks would be proud of. 

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to rank them all in the order we see fit, combining natural beauty, amenities, housing prices and friendly neighbourhood craic to form the list in front of you. While some towns lay on the boarder of two different postcodes, we’ve done our best to accommodate these postcodes as we see fit. 

Everyone’s opinion will differ, so please do take your loyalties into consideration before anything else. 

Now, let the games begin…

22. Dublin 18

Well, someone had to be at the bottom. 

This Dublin suburb boasts a Luas, a racecourse and several industrial estates – but it’s aaaages away from everything, and house prices are bloody outrageous. 

21. Dublin 13

Dublin 13 is a world unto itself – with very infrequent buses and MENTAL drivers. However, it is near the sea, and boasts seals on good days. Surely something to consider. 

20. Dublin 17

Dublin 17 is well up north, not far from the airport. The general D17 area boasts the quaint familiarity of a small town, while also having the beautiful simplicity of a huge hospital nearby. And one of its roads leads to the gorgeous Malahide Castle nearby. 

Shutterstock 669711070

19. Dublin 10

Home to one of the most upcoming colleges in Dublin, Ballyfermot is quickly becoming a hub for students. A short bus ride into the city centre and one of the best Tescos around, sure ya can’t go wrong.

18. Dublin 14

Yes, Dublin 14 may be the home of the ever-revered Dundrum Shopping Centre, but it’s always TEEMING with traffic going in and out of the place, the transport isn’t great and rent is suuuuper high. But this is probably just because it boasts a cracking restaurant scene and dreamy apartments.

17. Dublin 11

Dublin 11 is home to a huge amount of amenities – including shopping centres, sports halls, IKEA and unreal find-it-all shops (you know the ones). It’s also the hometown of a whole array of Irish celebs, including Colm Meaney, Niamh Kavanagh and Bono himself!

320Px Bono At The 2009 Tribeca Film Festival

16. Dublin 20

Divided by the Liffey, this postcode is a breath of fresh air away from the city. There’s everything you need in Palmerstown village, before you head to Lucan for a few pints and some grub, all within 20 minutes of each other! If you’re in need of a break from the buzz of the city, then you’re spoiled for choice here for relaxing strolls along the Liffey.

15. Dublin 22

To  be honest, you’ve got shopping and food covered in Liffey Valley, which is slowly gaining every shop and restaurant our millennial heart could desire. I see no downside here…

14. Dublin 6W

This friendly postcode is just that bit too far out of town to justify walking – but also too short to justify driving/bussing. 

It also always seems to have the most amount of cars clamped in Dublin at any given time – leading us to knocking it off the top spot. However, a women who wheels her dog around in a pram does live there – so we had to factor that in. 

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13. Dublin 24

Rounding off the middle nicely is Dublin 24. Home to South Dublin’s largest town, Tallaght, this postcode possesses a deadly theatre, a longstanding love of spoken Gaeilge and boasts close proximity to the Wicklow Mountains – meaning loads of outdoor activity on the weekends. Who doesn’t love that?

12. Dublin 4

Once home to the most expensive land in the whole world, Dublin 4 has gotten a bad rep in years gone by. Yes, it may once have been home to backcombed hair and handbag dogs – but we feel they’ve shook off some of their notions in recent years and deserve an honourable mention in the middle. 

Dublin 4 does boast Sandymount Beach, Herbert Park, The Aviva and The RDS after all…

11. Dublin 9

Just pipping the top 10 to the post is Dublin 9. Home to Glasnevin, Santry, Ballymun and the better part of Drumcondra – this postcode possesses Glasnevin Cemetery, Botanic Gardens, a massive sports stadium and an incredible university.

However, Dublin 9 is always pumping with students and couples who’ve just broken up following a trip to said Swedish super-brand…

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10. Dublin 2

You can’t get much more central than D2, with Temple Bar, Dame Street and Grafton Street all falling into this postcode. On the upside, you have the Olympia, Crackbird, The George. On the downside, you have insane numbers of tourists and slow walkers. Not to mention the St Patrick’s Day carnage.

9. Dublin 5

There’s a real sense of community in D5, which can be hard to find in a city, and you’re also very close to Dublin Airport for all those cheap flights – happy days. You’re also close to the coast, with Dollymount Strand and Bull Island on your doorstep. Bliss!

8. Dublin 15

Dominated by the behemoth Blanchardstown Centre, D15 is your only man when it comes to shopping in Dublin. Take a leisurely walk along the banks of the Royal Canal or get in a game of golf at the Castleknock Hotel. 

This gorgeous Asian restuarant in Clonsilla will allow you to rest your weary legs and satisfy your taste buds. The area is also perfectly located beside the Phoenix Park and the train from Castleknock can get you into town in 15 minutes. Minus points for the lack of a Luas! 

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7. Dublin 16 

Home to Marlay Park, a strong GAA scene and a mere stroll away from Bushy Park – this is prime territory for nature lovers, dog walkers and those keen for a chill out after a long day at work. It’s close enough to Dundrum Shopping Centre without being mauled by its traffic outpour every evening, and enough Dublin Bus routes to make you consider selling the car.

6. Dublin 12

Dublin 12 is home to a roller skating rink, the O’Neill’s factory store and the best brunch in town at The Hungry Duck. You can still get an alright priced rented place in this area, and it’s also home to the best fry-up in town

Plus, it boasts the same name as Eminem’s band. That definitely counts for something…

5. Dublin 1

Taking in O’Connell Street and the GPO, D1 can also lay claim to one of the most exciting food scenes in the city – with tons of interesting restaurants on Capel Street and Parnell Street. It’s also home to Dorset Street, which has recently sparked protests over the number of massage parlours operating in the area. We’ll leave it up to you to decide whether this is an advantage or disadvantage.

In summary, D1 is smack bang in the centre of all the action but if you’re looking for peace, quiet and nature, this is not the postcode for you.

4. Dublin 6

Home to a Bunsen, a huge stretch of the canal, The Barge, Tribeca chicken wings, The Swan centre, Two Lidls between the two villages, an Aldi, a Tesco, a Dunnes, a Supervalu and SO many charity shops – Dublin 6 is a great place to live in terms of variety. It’s close to town, serviced by loads of public transport options, and is home to some really deadly food.  

You get all kinds living here, meaning you can come across just about anyone when residing in this humble neighbourhood. 

3. Dublin 8

The quirky, cool big-brother of Dublin 6 – which possesses amenities of every sort, cool hidden nooks and crannies and pop-up markets selling old goods every weekend. Anything goes within the vicinity of this postcode, and it’s right on the cusp of town, without being too bombarded by traffic and noise. 

Here, the Bernard Shaw if your local, any restaurant in town will deliver to you, and some of the best food in town is right on your doorstep…

2. Dublin 7

Housing some of Dublin’s trendiest areas in Smithfield and Stoneybatter, D7 has enough pubs and restaurants to spend an entire evening. 

However, it’s right on the edge of town so it’s primely located if do you fancy taking things further. McGowans anyone? 

Plus Stoneybatter was called the new Williamsburg, Brooklyn by The Guardian. What more could you want?

1. Dublin 3

Clontarf on a sunny day is like Dublin’s little secret version of Miami. Joggers and dog walkers pass each other along the seafront while 99s are readily available in a number of local shops. 

A short stroll through Fairview and Ballybough will take you right up to Croke Park on GAA days and into north city’s pubs and restaurants once the sun goes down. A historical background teamed with seaside settings and it’s very own island – this postcode boasts a castle, an array of green, leafy areas and atmosphere that could be bottled and sold on match days. 

This is the real Dublin older locals talk about – and our number one on the list. 

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