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The 7 Best Places To Buy A Beautiful Bouquet Of Flowers In Dublin

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Nothing can brighten a day quite like a bouquet of flowers can. 

The smell, the sight, the symbol. 

They can be a treat for yourself on pay day, a symbol of love of V-Day or thrown over a shoulder at a wedding.

We really do love a few fleurs so have decided to highlight our fave Dublin florists for you, yes, you are welcome. 

Bláthana for everyyyyyone. 

1. Ginkgo Florists — Baggot Street

Not only do they have a sense of humour, but they also have major floral talents. 


Over a decade’s experience in horticulture and floriculture — you know they’re gonna be legit. 

2. Appassionata Flowers — Drury Street

A fresh and inspirational approach to flowers, both in Dublin and beyond.

Their busy Dublin 2 studio supplies their Drury Street shop with some of the most beautiful displays we’ve ever laid our eyes on. 

3. Moore Street — Dublin 1

The ladies on Moore Street will sort you out with one of the most decent arrangements you’ll ever find. 

And for a legit bargain too. 

4. Adonis — Patrick Street

Located in the historic Iveagh buildings — in the heart of old Dublin city centre — on Patrick Street between Christchurch Cathedral and St Patrick’s Cathedral, these guys are leading the way on modern Irish flower scene. 


5. Les Fleurs — Harold’s Cross 

French-trained artisan florist Olivier Besombes will create the bouquet of your dreams for you with personal touches and flourishes galore. 

Each bouquet is entirely unique — one-of-a-kind. 

6. Grafton Street 

Grafton Street’s flower stalls are legendary. 

And beyond affordable. 

With prices starting as low as €3, you can get handfuls of beautiful, fresh flowers cheap as chips. 

7. The Garden — Powerscourt Townhouse 

Last, but definitely not least, we have one of the most magical places in Dublin. 

The Garden greets you as you enter the Powerscourt Centre via the steps on South William Street. 

And once you’re there, you’ll never wanna leave. 

Designer Mark Grehan is an award winning freelance landscape designer and has worked in creative floristry since 2003. He knows his shit, that’s for sure. 

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