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04th Apr 2017

This Street Boasts The Best Food In Dublin


So, it’s no secret that we like to talk about food. 

We think about it. We dream about it. And we wouldn’t have jobs without it…

and, in my opinion, there is one, and only one, holy grail in regards to food in Dublin. And that is Dublin 1’s trendy, welcoming and undeniably delicious Capel Street

What a beaut. 

From the outside, it may not look like much, but your teachers told you not to judge a book by its cover for reasons like this. As inside all of Capel Street’s teeny spaces, decadent haunts and nooks ‘n’ crannies – you’ll find some of the best (and most reasonably priced) food in the whole of Ireland. 

And no, we’re not exaggerating.

We’re going to take a trip around just a sample of what Capel Street has to offer, to show you that the next time you want to go out for dinner, you needn’t book – you should just stroll around Dublin 1’s tastiest road. 

Come join, won’t you?

1. Musashi

I’ve exclaimed my love for Musashi before. It almost feels like I spend my days recommending it to people to try, but this truly is the best of the best. 

Everything is super fresh, admirably light and absolutely bursting with flavour from the inside out. 

And the best bit? You can feed yourself until you’re fit-to-bust for in or around €10. No brainer. 

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2. Hi Lan

The Korean restaurant of dreams

Rumour has it that Hi Lan was actually sent to us by the gods in an attempt to say thank you to the Irish for hundreds of years of sound-ness. And we’re inclined to believe it. 

Super reasonable. Super tasty. And, they cook it right in front of you, so it’s super, super fresh. 

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3. Brother Hubbard

The original and the best. (Sorry Brother Hubbard South, but you’re not open for dinner).

Brother Hubbard’s grub is made with so much love and affection that you’d swear you’d ordered a big hug for breakfast by accident. Their flavours are so delicately intertwined that you actually feeling like applauding them. 

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4. Brothers Dosirak

Yet another Korean haunt that serves up some of the best lunch you’ll ever get your teeny tiny mitts on. You little thing. 

Super chilled atmosphere, really deadly staff and food to die for. Oh, and it’s cheap as chips. Where are you getting your next lunch?

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5. Soup Dragon

Contrary to the name, this place does not just a good soup do. 

Serving up all the treats you could possibly imagine, this place is a proper hum-dinger that you won’t want to share with your friends in case they could possibly run out. 

Disclaimer: The soup is also delish. 

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6. Camerino

If you look up ‘dreamy bakery made of wishes and icing sugar’ in the dictionary, you’ll find this place at 158 Capel Street.

We’ve written about them before, and may not ever get over their light and fluffy carrot cake. 

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7. And finally, The Black Sheep

A bar at heart, The Black Sheep provides the good people of Dublin 1 with delicious craft beers of every kind. But this pub isn’t like any ordinary pub. It also provides those thirsty people with a delicious menu to order from when their sitting and sipping. 

Delicacies such as Lamb Hot Pot, Italian Coddle and Turkey Casserole await you on your trip down Black Sheep lane. 

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Now, these are just a snippet of what’s on offer on the street of all streets. 

There are TONNES more absolutely whopper restaurants, bars and cafés just dying for you to tuck in. 

Interested? Of course you are. There’s a whole world out there to be explored. Vegan, vegetarian, GF or carnivorous – Capel Street 100% has something for you. 

We promise.

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