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10th Jan 2017

The Home Sweet Home Campaign Has Won Significant Improvements For Those Who Are Homeless


The Home Sweet Home campaign has been in the forefront of the news ever since its conception during Christmas Week 2016. 

Last week, the campaigners met with the Minister for Housing and some of his key officials. Home Sweet Home advised the Minister that the campaign will be taking a legal challenge arguing that the 1937 Constitution contains within it a right to housing.

This conversation ultimately left the Minister with no choice but to agree to allowing Home Sweet Home to be a permanent intervention in the nation’s housing policy and discussion.

Read the full post below:

It has also been decided that Home Sweet Home will have regular monthly meetings with Dublin City Council and where necessary other local authorities to review and assess these, and all related, housing and homelessness policies.

The Minister has also guaranteed that there will be no families in commercial accommodation (hotels or B&Bs) by July 1 2017.

The short, medium and long term needs, including care plans for all current Apollo House residents, will be met according to their needs.

The post has been going viral online, naturally enough, due to the Irish public being chuffed that something is actually happening to tackle the homelessness issue in the city. 

What a fantastic start to 2017. 

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