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14th Mar 2018

The Late Late Show Received 500 Complaints In Total For This Moment On The Show

Darragh Berry

Sticky Bottle – a website devoted to all things cycling has confirmed on Wednesday that more than 500 complaints have been received by RTÉ after a segment on The Late Late Show stated that arrogant cyclists needed to be put in the bin for 2018.

A large number of cyclists took offence to the particular mentioning of cyclists in the segment and are surprised that there has been no apology or follow-up action. 

The show – which was aired in January – featured RTE presenter Maura Derrane who said that she liked cycling but was “really bothered” by cyclists riding three or four abreast.

Derrane also stated that she was particularly annoyed when cyclists blocked cars especially on country roads.

“Really there’s no need because; are you in competition with a car? You’re never going to be faster. And (cyclists do it) almost to piss people off; I know that,” she said.

James Kavanagh who was also on the show then piped up to say tht “They’re like the farm animals,” he said cyclists riding several abreast.

“Sheep or cows or whatever; they don’t move. Cyclists are like that as well.”

Derrane then concluded by saying that she didn’t want to throw all cyclists in the bin but rather the “arrogant” ones. 

The audience were also in favour of binning them when asked by Ryan Tubridy 

Cycling Ireland said that the particular segment represented “casual incitement of hatred” towards cyclists while Dublin Cycling Campaign described the segment as “casual cyclist hatred”.

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