WATCH: The Script Broke A Guinness World Record In The Most Irish Way Possible On Paddy's Day

By Darragh Berry

March 18, 2018 at 3:15pm


If there's one thing that us Irish do very well, it's having some of the best sessions in the world. 

We're never afraid to get our round in and St. Patrick's Day would have been a big day for rounds and giving old friends a twist and a tin on the biggest day in the Irish calendar.

Dublin band The Script led by example on Paddy's Day and broke the record for buying the largest round of drinks in history.

They were playing a live show in Brussels but before it started, they gave everyone in the audience a token for a free drink at the bar.


The drinks were bought just in time for 'Paint The Town Green', the band's song about their hometown and they asked the 8,000 people in attendance to raise their glasses in honour of Saint Patrick’s Day

They blew a couple of grand in those few minutes but feck it, if you can't do it Paddy's Day, when can you do it.



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