The Stella Cinema Is Showing A Whole Heap Of Classic Movies Throughout February

By James Fenton

January 29, 2018 at 12:36pm


Since the recent restoration of the Stella Cinema on Rathmines Road, it's been a very welcome addition to the Dublin scene. 

Not only does its gorgeous Cocktail Club have Prosecco on tap, you can also watch a movie in comfort like you've never felt before on luxurious red armchairs and comfy sofas made for two. You can read more about what The Stella has to offer here but in such a homely environment, it's easy to forget that it's a cinema first and foremost so it needs to entertain the masses with some great flicks, both new and old.

Old is what we're looking at today because The Stella has some absolute classics coming up in throughout February which will take you right back to your childhood and teenage years. 

Below you can find the all-important times and dates for a great date night or a chilled evening out with mates. It should be noted that the movies we've picked out are just a selection and there are plenty more to choose from. The full list and details of how to book tickets can be viewed here.


If you were too young to see any of these classics on the big screen when they originally came out then now is the perfect chance to rectify that. Take your pick!

Big - Sunday February 4 at 12.30pm

Braveheart - Saturday February 24 at 12.30pm 

Edward Scissorhands - Friday February 9 at 11.55pm 


Forrest Gump - Saturday February 17 at 12 noon 

Groundhog Day - Friday February 2 at 11.55pm 

Inception - Saturday February 10 at 11.55pm 


Matilda - Sunday February 18 at 10am 

The Matrix - Saturday February 10 at 12.30pm 

Rain Man - Sunday February 11 at 12.10pm

Saturday Night Fever - Saturday February 3 at 11.55pm 


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