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07th Oct 2019

The Xylophone ‘Beat Seats’ At Hanover Quay Are The Best Seats In Town

Sarah Finnan

The xylophone benches at Hanover Quay, the newest installation by A Playful City, have brought a little more music to Dublin 2.

A Playful City is a not-for-profit group whose aim is to make the city a more fun and spirited place for all ages. Such installations encourage communities to think outside the box and come up with new ways to interact with public spaces.

Transforming what many would consider the boring, everyday items, their work brings a new zest and colour to otherwise dull and dreary laneways, benches and parks.

‘Beat Seats’, their latest project, repurposes cement jersey barriers at Hanover Quay to act as supports for three handmade xylophone benches.

The goal is to make people stop and smell the roses, or in this case, stop and hear the music.

The benches were designed in collaboration with Garry jones and features street art by Irish artist DUDA, most well-known for his work on the top floor of the new World Trade Centre in NYC as well as his most recent collaboration with U2’s The Edge.

‘Beat Seats’ will stay at Hanover Quay for the month of October before going on tour around the country for other communities to enjoy.

So get down and put on a musical performance to remember…or sit and rest your weary bones, whichever.


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