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06th Oct 2019

This Vegan Food Stall Serves A ‘Vegan Spice Bag’ And It Looks INSANE

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

Gone are the days when being vegan means you live off a boring chickpea salad.

There are some incredibly cool spots in Dublin right now where you can avail of tasty vegan food. Between Beast for vegan fast food and The Carrot’s Tail for brunch, you’re pretty much sorted for whatever you’re feeling.

If your weekends consist of popping to the food markets, there is one stall that you most definitely need to check out if you have a plant-based diet or just like vegan food.

The Saucy Cow specialises in dirty vegan delights.

The menu includes:

Vegan chicken burgers

Vegan chicken tenders

Vegan tacos

Vegan spice bag

And best of all, deep-fried PBJ

This all looks absolutely insane.

The Saucy Cow operates in St Anne’s Park every Saturday from 10-4pm.

Get yo’ vegan on!