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There Is A Speed Roommating Event On In Dublin This Wednesday

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Following the roaring success of SROOM’s speed roommating event last year, the keen matchmakers are holding their highly-anticipated second event on Wednesday, March 1. 

But, what on Earth is speed roommating?

Speed Roommating is a safe and easy way to meet fantastic roommates and landlords over a drink. It’s based on the premise of speed-dating, except you’re looking for the perfect roomie, and don’t feel weird the whole way through it. 

It gives you the thrilling opportunity to meet loads of potential roommates and landlords before making the decision to live with them.

Sounds sweet

Indeed. And it’s a cool opportunity for renters and rentees alike, as landlords or those looking to sub-let have the chance to meet loads of potential new flat-mates. 

According to the event, most of the people looking for rooms will be in their 20s to early 30s, and there’ll be a mix of Irish people and expats, all full to the brim with advice, particularly for those of you who are new to flat-sharing in Dublin.

Oh, and it’s free. Like, really free. You won’t have to spend a penny. 

So, what do I have to do?

However, those of you who do not register beforehand cannot attend. And places are quite limited. You can register right here. Just click the button on the top right. 

If you are coming with a friend, they must register too, for the guest list. 

And finally, if you have a room, it’d be a good idea to take a few photos/videos before heading down – meaning you can give potential flat-mates a visual of what they’re getting themselves into. 

That’s it.

Speec Roommating kicks off at The Mercantile, 28 Dame Street, Dublin 2 on Wednesday, March 1 between 7:00pm – 10:00pm. 

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