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20th Apr 2017

There Will Be A Protest Against Nuns Having Ownership Over The Maternity Hospital Today In Dublin


As you may have already heard, it was announced during the week that the same order of nuns who ran the Magdalene Laundries are set to gain ‘sole ownership’ over the new maternity hospital set to be built near Elm Park in South Dublin. 

Due to the harrowing press surrounding the years of Magdalene Laundries news and the recent confirmation of the Tuam babies scandal – the general public was not impressed with the Department of Health’s decision to give the religious order sole ownership. 

Because of this, a protest has been organised to gather around the Department of Health at lunchtime today to start a conversation and let voices be heard. 

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The Facebook event, which can be seen here, states:

”No matter how many scandals are uncovered, it seems our government never learn the lesson – we DO NOT want the church providing, controlling, or involved in public healthcare. 

To give a church body any controlling influence or ownership whatsoever in our new maternity hospital is an outrage. 

Time to demand a secular republic, now, starting with our health service.”

Hundreds, if not thousands, are expected to turn up to today’s protest. 

The event kicks off at 1pm, outside the Department of Health on Hawkins Street, Dublin 2. 

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