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04th Jun 2020

There will be strict new queuing measures in place at Dublin shops from Monday

James Fenton

Long queues outside supermarkets are something Dubliners are accustomed too at this stage but when other retail outlets open on Monday, the wait won’t be as long.

That’s because businesses will have to ensure that queues do not pass the length of their own shopfront under new protocols brought in by Dublin City Council.  The move is designed to prevent overcrowding in the city centre’s busiest shopping areas such as Henry Street and Grafton Street, with the council set to place ‘queuing icons’ on the ground to ensure measures are being adhered to. Owners will be required to take measures to prevent members of the public joining the queue.

The new rule, along with the two-metre social distancing requirement means that most stores will only be able to have two or three people queuing outside at any given time.

Ireland is set to enter phase 2 of the roadmap to recovery on Monday, June 8, during which ‘small retail outlets can reopen with a small number of staff on the basis that the retailer can control the number of individuals that staff and customers interact with at any one time.’