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14th May 2020

There’s now a Tony Holahan mural on the outside of a city centre pub

James Fenton

Tony Holahan is a face we’ve all gotten familiar with in recent months with his daily briefings on the Covid-19 situation in Ireland.

As Chief Medical Officer, Dr Tony Holahan has been filling us in on best practices for social distancing as well as undertaking the thankless task of keeping us up to date on the coronavirus statistics that nobody wants to hear.

Since yesterday, anyone within a safe distance of Camden Street is now able to get a glimpse of Dr Holohan away from the TV screens, thanks to artist Niall O’Loughlin. Niall spent the day working on an image of Tony in the guise of Superman with the initials ‘TH’ emblazoned across his chest.

The finished product now takes pride of place on Devitt’s pub and here it is in all its glory…

Taking to Twitter to show off his work, Niall said ‘Fantastic day painting outside Devitts pub in Camden street. So many people stopped to chat, take photos and admire my Tony Holohan mural.’

A work of art indeed. Let’s hope we’re seeing less of Tony Holahan on our screens over the coming weeks and months but the mural can stay as long as it wants.

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