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20th Dec 2016

These 6 Places Are Open For Dinner On Christmas Day


Not all that into getting the perfect glaze on your turkey, or spending hours figuring out how to make brussels sprouts edible? 

There are lots of reasons to want to skip the cooking on Christmas Day, or simply to get out of the house for a bit – especially in the city, which you’ll never see so peaceful and still. 

There may not be huge variety for eating out on Christmas Day and it definitely won’t be cheap, but here are a handful of places you can get your feed without the stress of cooking it yourself or others.

Clontarf Castle Hotel

Clontarf Castle’s Christmas dinner is actually becoming a staple for the non-cooking population at Christmas. 

Held in the Great Hall, this is an elegant five-course affair, kicking off with a champagne reception, accompanied by jazz (plus of course a Santa visit for the kids). 

It’s seriously fancy, but like most nice things at Christmas, it’s pretty expensive at €135 per adult and €65 per child.

1  Clontarf

The Clarence

Hotels will be your friends if you’re looking for Christmas Day eats. Lots of them also do some pretty good accommodation for this quiet period if you want to make a whole event of it. 

At The Clarence for example are doing a three-day B&B deal where you essentially get Christmas Day for free. 

They have a four-course Christmas dinner at the delicious Cleaver East restaurant with wine/champagne for €120/person.

2 Clarence
2  Cleaver  East

M&L Restaurant

M&L is for anyone who is just not into traditional Christmas food. 

Known for being the most authentic Szechuan food in town (and for being the most regularly frequented by the Chinese Dubliners), it’s usually open and serving its regular menu on Christmas Day. 

A wander around the city will probably also reveal a handful more local Chinese eateries open…

3 Ml
3 Ml2
3 Ml3

Jimmy Chung’s Chinese Buffet

…such as Jimmy Chung’s! Definitely an antidote to Christmas dazzle dazzle, this is a no-nonsense, all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet on Eden Quay, which will fill you up for next to nothing (in relative Christmas terms), just €24.95 per adult. 

It’s open from 1pm to 5.30pm, so more of a lunch/early dinner, rather than a slow late evening.

4 Jimmy Chung
4 Jimmy Chung2

Hi Lan Chinese and Korean Restaurant

…or Hi Lan, an Asian restaurant with a particularly good Korean BBQ menu. 

It’s authentic food made well, in a clean and modern setting. Even better, it has karaoke lounges: potentially much more fun that charades with your aunt.

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Radisson Blu St. Helen’s

Another popular hotel stop for a fancy Christmas dinner out, The Radisson Blu St. Helen’s in Blackrock is a former 16th-century mansion. 

If you’re looking for elegance and sophistication in your Christmas, this is it, and unlike the other big hotels, they offer a few options for Christmas dinner – there’s a buffet lunch or dinner (still pricey at €89!), or full lunch or dinner menus at their Le Panto Restaurant

Check out these delicious-looking stroffoli, a traditional Italian Christmas dessert.

5 Radisson Blu
5  Stroffoli Radisson  Blu

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