13 Things You'll Recognise When You Can't Go Home For Christmas

Here's what all those Irish stranded abroad are experiencing this festive season...


Christmas is a time for being with family... except when you can't.

When you think of Christmas, it's generally the thought of being surrounded by family, fairy lights, a mountain of presents and a massive dinner. 

But when you're abroad for the festive season, things tend to be a lot different. This is what you experience... 

1. Unfortunately, last minute Christmas shopping just isn't possible this year

Those eejits back home better appreciate that you had to go through a lot of feckin' effort to buy stuff early.


2. Sending presents home is feckin' EXPENSIVE

So you try and find a mule who'll carry the staff back with them when they're flying home.

Itll Fit

3. Presents and cards from home actually mean the world to you right now

But you promised yourself you wouldn't cry.


4. You end up banding together with other stranded expats

Let's all just pretend we're a family, 'kay?

Love You Guys

5. You go to extraordinary lengths to recreate that Christmas experience from home

You're gonna be that pushy host that'll force your guests to have a merry Christmas. 

All aboard the Polar Express, muthafuckas.

Nothing Stops This Train

6. But it turns out that making Christmas dinner is haaard

Suddenly, spending a shitload of cash to go home for Christmas seems like it might've been the easier option.


7. As a result, you'll probably have to go without the turkey this year

If The Santa Clause taught us anything, it's that cooking turkey is just way more hassle than it's worth. Anyway, who even cares?

No Turkey

8. Everybody present is making extra special effort to make this a brilliant day

You've never spent this much time with friends on Christmas Day before and you realise it's actually great craic. It's also an excellent bonding exercise.

Group Hug

9. You get to do things that'd you'd NEVER do on a regular Christmas Day

i.e. You're probably going to get veeery drunk this year.

No Rules

10. You realise you don't have to go to Mass 

Sure, you like doing to Mass at Christmas, but it's also kinda obligatory. You've never known freedom like this.


11. When you Skype your family, the connection will be shit

You'll end up taking to your mam's face frozen mid-blink for an hour.

Skyping Monkey

12. You get a phone call from a grandparent guilting you into promising to come home to see them next year


Why Ross

13. You realise that, actually, Christmas away from home isn't so bad

Just don't tell your mother that.


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Seán Kenehan

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