This Brilliant Website Helps You Find Your Ideal Candidate Ahead Of The General Election

SmartVote have a very smart system...

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With a surge of newly-registered voters since last May, plenty of people will be voting in a General Election for the first time this year. Deciding who to vote for can be a pretty tricky task. 

Busy schedules mean that most people won't encounter any politicians on their actual doorstep, so it requires researching all the candidates in your constituency (if you can be bothered!). 

Enter a genius little invention called

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They have asked each and every candidate running in the upcoming election 30 questions based on their policies and where they stand on certain issues. All you have to do is log on, answer a quick questionnaire and they then rank all candidates in your constituency based on your own views. 

With everything from abortion to rent control covered, this is a great way to find the election candidate who best represents you; perfect for any first time voters trying to find their footing. 

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