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This “Crumlin Or Venice” Tweet Is Going Insanely Viral For All The Right Reasons

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Twitter is a fantastic place for finding breaking news. A tweet can tell you in two seconds what story is just after happening in Dublin City centre and within the click of a button, it’s in front of you. 

It’s also a pit where memes and jokes take on a life of their own. If something is extremely funny or interesting on Twitter, it’ll take off and that’s what happened with this tweet about Crumlin.

Tiegan Kenny just couldn’t understand one thing about Americans when they go holidaying abroad.

He took to Twitter to find some answers but instead, all he found was a shit load of retweets and likes…

His tweet reads:

“Why do Americans always refer to Europe as one whole country?  ‘When I went to Europe’ like where did you go , Venice or Crumlin?”

Clarification is everything when travelling and although the two towns in question are just as beautiful as each other…

… come on people, give us some proper information. 

One replier told Tiegan that people in Europe do the exact same thing stating that: “That’s funny because Europeans refer to Africa as a country too”.

At the time of writing, the tweet has nearly 20k retweets and 74,000 likes.

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