This Dublin Granny Supporting Her Grandson At The Olympics Has Stolen Our Hearts

The proudest woman at The Olympics

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Pam Coughlan is the grandmother of Eoin Coughlan, an Australian judoka who competed in this year's Olympics.

And she is breaking the internet with this adorable video. 

Pam, 83-years-old and from Kilmainham, was "burstin' with excitement" when being interviewed by RTÉ News at The Olympics before her grandson's fight.

She's attending The Olympics for the first time ever, but says it definitely won't be her last. 

The most admirable amount of pride we've seen in a long time. 

RTÉ News journalist Philip Bromwell was so taken with Pam that he went on to share this extra footage on his Twitter. 

1, 2, 3.


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