19 Photos To Make You Fall In Love With Dublin All Over Again

Graffiti and street art and dogs, oh my

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You think you love Dublin?

Yep, us too. (duh)

And we've gotten to know the place pretty well. Even the hidden nooks and crannies all over the place. In fact, they're the best bits. 

We've picked out our favourites for you to glance upon in your times of boredom/need/despair. So creep and weep, on the absolute deadliness this city contains. 

1. This unbelievably positive street art 

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2. This poetic ode to a next of kin 

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3. This positive reinforcement spotted on Thomas Street

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4. This sound piece of advice

5. This relevant and important message

6. This perfect example of Dublin humour

7. This accurate portrayal of how we view local fauna

8. This shot simply sticking it to the man


9. This slick update to a closed bar

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10. This uplifting exit sign

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11. This subtle expression of national pride

12. This declaration of love...

...and chips.

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13. This shining beacon of hope

14. Puppy love

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15. This tribute to two great minds of our generation

Three, counting the artist. 

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16. This unbelievable amount of support from the locals

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17. This cheer for an Irish goal

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18. This vending machine of happiness

Sorting out our health woes treat-by-treat. 

19. And finally, this ode to perfect syntax

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Written By

Kate Demolder

Kate is a staff writer here at Lovin Dublin. T: @katedemolder / kate@lovin.com