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03rd Jul 2017

This Dublin Man Wants Your Foreign Coins And Bus Refund Tickets To Turn Them Into A Children’s Hospital


Unless you’ve been living under a substantial-sized boulder, you’ll have heard all about Dublin’s much-publicised New Children’s Hospital, currently underway in Dublin 8. Completion of the project has been confirmed by Leo Varadkar by 2020, bringing a new lease of life to the medical system in Ireland. 

And the sum of this mighty expedition?

€700 million.

Yep, quite a pretty penny. However, there are ways you can help.

Liam Duggan, Head of Koins For Kids Ireland spoke to Lovin Dublin about his charity initiative where he hopes to aid others in one of the simplest ways we’ve ever heard.  

”Our mission is to raise awareness of the immediate need and importance of having a state of the art paediatric hospital that the people of this island can be proud of and confident that if their children need care that they are cared for with no expense spared.”

Koins For Kids is an initiative that collects old, foreign coins, copper coins, out of date and damaged currency and bus refund tickets that are of no use to anyone, repatriating them and putting them towards the greater good. 

Genius, right? 

So far, Liam and his team have raised in excess of €32,000. They claim this as a ”modest sum”, but we think it’s pretty bloody spectacular.  

So, how do we get involved?

To donate non-Euro coins or any type of donation, contact [email protected] or on their Facebook page, right here

The website will also boast a Pay Pal button sometime in April, so you can donate from all over the world. But for now, email / Facebook is easiest. 

No amount is too big or too small, so don’t be shy. 

So, what are you waiting for?

The easiest way we’ve come across yet to clear out your wallet of tat AND do a good deed. Deadly. 

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