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01st Aug 2017

5 Tasty Lunches To Make This Tuesday Slightly Less Gloomy And Shite

Alana Laverty

Tuesdayss can be depressing af. But only if you let them be. 

#TreatYoself to a delish lunch and make this gloomy day slightly less crap. 

1. Poké bowl – Klaw Poké, Capel Street 

Our favourite lunch in the city right now. 

Make today the day you finally try it. 

You won’t be sorry. 

Klaw Poke 3

2. Mongolian BBQ, Temple Bar 

For only €5.90 you get to make your own stir fry choosing meats, vegetables, spices and sauce according to your tastes. 

The chef cooks it all up in front of you and you even get a bowl of steamed rice to go along with it. 


3. Cracked Nut, Camden Street

I’ve been to this cafe more times than I could possibly count. 

The large salad box costs €6.95 and when you see the sheer enormity of the container you’ll gladly part with the cash. It’ll keep you going until dinner and then some.

4. Wowburger

The burgers will only set you back €5.95 each which means you’ll be able to afford a side as well: garlic or chilli fries. It’s your call but rest assured there are no losers here, only winners.

And they are out of this WORLD. 

Choose Ranelagh, Mary’s on Wicklow Street or Workman’s as your setting. 

5. Camden Rotisserie, Camden Street 

Enjoy two dozen wings for just €12.95 and you get to choose your own signature sauce: buffalo or BBQ. 

The only problem now is trying to share them fairly. 

Let the games begin.

Enjoy x

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