This Is Easily One Of The Tastiest Brunches On The Northside

Did someone say brunch burger?

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Today we bring you Bang Bang – yet another seriously cool Phibsborough spot.

It's a trendy, rustic deli and shop on Leinster Street North that serves unreal food and sells cool, artisan products. 

Our favourite. 


They serve Silverskin coffee, one of my personal favourites. A rich and full roast – just what the doctor ordered. 

Prefer your coffee iced? No problemo, they've got just that. 

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It's all about that brunch burger

Eggs, avo, bacon, cheese and relish all between two buns. Gorge. 

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And sambos, of course.

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They also cater to vegans

Unlike a certain other Phibsborough joint...

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If you like stuff you're in luck, 'cos they sell plenty of it. 

Cards, vintage clothing, pantry staples – they've got it all. 

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We shall see you there, friends. 

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Alana Laverty

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