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20th Dec 2016

This Is The Happiest Little Drummer In Dublin

Alana Laverty

Dublin mammy Christine Jordan posted this video to our Facebook page recently in search of a certain drummer.

Their family were out for dinner a few weeks back and were heading back to their car when her daughter spotted this band and began to dance to the music. 

Christine’s daughter Kelly has autism and when she went to play the drummer’s drums with her hands he kindly handed her a drum stick allowing her to join in, making it the “best night of her life”. 

How utterly lovely is that? 

Christine made an appeal on FB to find the drummer people so she could thank him for his kindness and general good banter. 

Christine said, “it’s so amazing when you don’t need to say the words “I’m sorry, she has autism, she doesn’t understand”. 

Kelly is clearly an amazing drummer, so Christine shouldn’t have to apologise ever again. 

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