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This Is Why Dame Street Is Going To Be Manic At Lunch Time Today

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Hundreds of students are expected to gather in Dublin 2 this afternoon as the School Students Protest For Choice is set to take the streets in front of Central Bank. 

The protest kicks off at 1pm and is expected to go on for up to two hours. 

The Facebook event for the protest expresses how they feel that this issue effects them massively, too:

”As young people we play an important role in the fight for repeal but sometimes our voices are over looked. Take a stand on the 19th of April and show the people how much this matters to you. 



The protest will also involve speeches with members of ROSA talking about the importance of bodily autonomy and Niamh McCormick from UCD for Choice.

The protest is gathering attention online, with many in solidarity with the striking students. 

According to the Facebook event, the protest is set to finish up about 2:30pm – but as secondary school students are off for this week, it may continue further than expected.

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