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01st Nov 2019

This map shows the extent of Dublin Fire Brigade’s stellar work on Halloween night

James Fenton

Another Halloween has been and gone and the people of the city have a lot to thank Dublin Fire Brigade for.

The team was out in force last night putting out fires all over Dublin and the extent of their stellar work can be seen in this interactive map which allowed users to follow DFB throughout the evening. In it, it can be seen that pretty much every area of the city was affected, with notes including ‘bins being kidnapped and burned on bonfires’, ‘fire in playground’ and ‘sofa on fire in open area.’

As well that there was a countless amount of bonfires around the city and you can have a look at the interactive map here.

Along their way, DFB encountered some problems and had to leave one scene due to anti-social behaviour…

Followers of the Dublin Fire Brigade Twitter account were kept up to speed throughout the night…

In another incident, firefighters were met with rocks and as they attempted to put out a fire in the city centre…

An incredible effort by everyone at Dublin Fire Brigade. Every Halloween, they encounter similar obstacles and every Halloween, they bravely respond while keeping us all informed on social media. Thankfully, it has been confirmed that all firefighters and paramedics got home safe to their families…

Heroes, all.

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