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03rd Aug 2021

This mini mural in Dublin pays homage to two of our favourite cultural icons

Fiona Frawley

Yes, one of our favourite cultural icons is a packet of crisps, what of it?

The Dublin Canvas project has been helping to bring flashes of colour and creativity to every day objects in the city since 2015. During this time, hundreds of traffic light control boxes have been transformed into works of art, helping to brighten up otherwise grey parts of Dublin. There are so many stunning pieces to discover all over the city, but we’re particularly obsessed with this one in Whitehall from artist Liam Robinson:

Behold, ‘Colm Meaneys’, a colourful tribute to one of Ireland’s finest actors and let’s be real, the world’s finest pickled onion corn snacks. As 2021 marks 31 years since The Commitments was released, artist Liam Robinson decided that now was the perfect time to celebrate “one of Dublin 11’s greatest exports”. Robinson said of his bright and bold creation:

Infusing his iconic curly haired cranium with that of a personal favourite childhood snack of mine; I envisage the mixture of established talent along with that of a street art type of work will not only appeal to film fans, but also to a younger demographic of art lovers. 

He’s dead right. Also there was no solid evidence of this in the film but we’d say Mr. Rabbitte would have 100% been partial to an aul packet of Meanies. Check the piece out at the Swords Rd/Collins Avenue junction now, and give Dublin Canvas a follow to see all the other amazing work they’re helping to create!

Header image via Instagram/Dublin Canvas 

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