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05th Jan 2018

This Mother And Her Adorable Puppies Are The Subject Of An Urgent Foster Appeal

James Fenton

The DSPCA has issued an urgent appeal for a foster home for an adorable family of dogs.

In a Facebook post, the society shared a video of Goldie and her nine puppies along with a message asking people to take care of the mother and litter for just a few weeks. 

Judging by the description, Goldie and the little nippers sound like an absolute dream to be around so how could you possibly say no?

The post reads:

‘Goldie needs your help! This adorable family are looking for a loving foster home for a few weeks.

‘They were in a home over the Christmas and they had nothing but good things to report – Goldie is the sweetest, most affectionate girl. She is well trained and super smart! She takes excellent care of her puppies, she also likes time apart for walks and cuddles!

‘If you think you could open your home up to Goldie and her bundles of joy please email [email protected] asap!’

Can you imagine the amount of cuddles you’d get off this lot every day? If you’re tempted to take them into your home for a few weeks, that email address again is [email protected].

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